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            NEWS DETAILS
            Cement industry in 2012, 1-August, industry-wide, subregional operations of decomposition
            Source: | Author:ykjdqsn | Published time: 2016-03-22 | 3226 Views | Share:
            View to the industry demand and supply indicators focused
            Over the years, developed basic fixed assets investment growth in real estate investment tracking and analysis of demand-side, the use of annual new capacity analysis of supply side shocks, it is undeniable that this broad analysis system and aging in years, slightly thin in time. Combined with the characteristics of cement industry, article hope will cement product demand and supply tracking indicators focused on the industry Outlook: defined production growth of cement demand, output defines the supply of clinker, and clinker capacity utilization and the ring system to check enterprises on productivity within the industry's control.
            Observer observed clinker cement growth, supply shocks in demand-side growth, capacity utilization and verification
            Cement industry (lime-cement-clinker), yixiaodingchan cement, demand side and intermediate-clinker-more businesses or new capacity size and regulation of utilisation of clinker combined with lower demand and supply side.
            Establish industry-wide, regional, province of cement and clinker production growth and comprehensive mapping of product prices can expect more accurate and captures the current situation ahead of the market and look for future rules, and clinker capacity utilization indicators compared to industry boom of the changes more accurately.
            Simple analysis on
            General understanding, dang needs end normal, cement production growth continued number months stable explicit with above clinker production growth Shi, seeking is greater than for, price should see rose; Dang cement production growth continued number months explicit with below clinker production growth Shi, oversupply, price late should fell; but Dang needs end downturn, cement production growth continued number months above clinker production growth Shi, more is should understanding for enterprise control produced insured, on this we established clinker capacity utilization maps for check school; as utilization not meet seasonal features chain declined, Explain further strengthened control.