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            NEWS DETAILS
            For the cement industry energy conservation supervision work plan issued by the Ministry
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            Letter of Ministry (2015), 89th
            Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and separately listed cities, Xinjiang production and construction Corps Department of industry and information:
            To further enhance industrial energy management, strengthening the supervision of energy-saving work, play a good energy saving supervision in the implementation of energy conservation laws and regulations and supervisory role of the policy standards, improving the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises, we have formulated the 2015 industrial energy saving supervision plan of priorities. Is issued, please earnestly implement.
            Ministry of industry and information technology
            The February 10, 2015
            2015 industrial energy saving supervision focused work plan
            To thoroughly implement the energy law and policy standards, energy saving supervision into full play in strengthening energy saving management, supervisory role with regard to improving energy efficiency, ensuring the full and complete "Twelve-Five" energy-saving emission reduction carbon reduction goals, this plan is enacted.
            A, specific monitoring tasks
            Electrolytic aluminum, cement industry ladder price, different electrovalence policy implementation. According to development reform Board, and industrial and information Department on electrolytic aluminum Enterprise electricity implemented stepped electric price policy of notification and development reform Board, and industrial and information Department, and quality General on using price means promote cement industry industry structure adjustment about matters of notification requirements, the provincial industrial and information competent sector to organization energy-saving monitored institutions timely on about electrolytic aluminum, and cement Enterprise electricity situation, and production process, information for statistics, and verification, strictly implementation stepped electric price, and difference electric price policy implementation program, Meet the provincial pricing Department on electrolytic aluminum, cement companies implementing pricing standards, forcing backward production capacity out of the market.
            Implementation limit energy consumption of calcium carbide, Ferroalloy industry standards. According to on issued carbide, and Ferroalloy industry energy limit standard implement implementation programme of notification requirements, the provincial industrial and information competent sector to organization energy-saving monitored institutions in on carbide, and Ferroalloy Enterprise energy measurement apparatus equipped with, and energy limit standard implementation, situation enterprise self-examination, and place verification based Shang, implementation carbide, and Ferroalloy industry through standard implementation programme progress task, urged Enterprise regular completed rectification, timely organization review, focus monitored the rectification measures completed situation, and energy standard situation.
            Motor energy efficiency improvement plan implementation. Around according to the industry and information Department, General Administration of quality supervision on the implementation of the motor energy efficiency enhancement program: notice of requirements, inefficient motor used in control out of the road map and local realities, strengthening the monitoring of the key enterprises of the year power consumption of 10 million-kilowatt and more, complete phase-out of inefficient Motors on an annual basis, the implementation of the motor system energy-saving work. The provincial industrial and information technology departments, in conjunction with the motor manufacturer quality supervision departments to carry out the implementation of the medium and small three-phase induction motors limited values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades and the high-voltage three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors limited values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades and the permanent magnet synchronous Motors Limited values of energy efficiency and rating to carry out special checks.

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            Implementation of the comprehensive upgrading of coal-fired boiler energy saving and environmental protection projects. Around to according to development reform Board, and industrial and information Department, 7 Department door on issued coal-fired boiler energy-saving environmental integrated upgrade engineering implementation programme of notification requirements, strengthening on focus boiler manufacturing enterprise and focus with can enterprise of monitored, on industrial enterprise eliminated behind boiler, and promotion efficient boiler, situation carried out special monitored, is strictly prohibited manufacturing enterprise production up not to industrial boiler energy efficiency qualified value and the energy efficiency grade qualified value of industrial boiler; is strictly prohibited industrial enterprise using included Part industry backward production equipment and product catalogue for the guidance, the energy behind electrical equipment out of the directory, such as industrial boilers and heat network pump and valve products.
            Second, common monitoring tasks
            Key energy-using enterprises implement laws and regulations. Strict control of the energy saving law management requirements, on the area of key energy companies building energy management system, implementation of energy saving measures, conducting energy audits and report energy utilization reports to monitor the situation.
            Implementation of the energy-saving industrial fixed assets investment project assessment review. In accordance with the law on energy conservation, national as well as local fixed assets investment project energy assessment and a review of relevant requirements, monitoring the implementation of the assessment system of key industrial enterprises, including energy-saving evaluation and review of the implementation, energy review implementation.
            Energy consumption limits standard implementation. Cross country published mandatory unit product energy consumption limit standards, mandatory energy consumption limits standard issued by the combined regions, enterprises carry out unit product energy consumption limits and monitoring of other mandatory energy efficiency standards.
            Behind electrical equipment out of the situation. Eliminated backward in light of high energy-consuming equipment catalogue out, the high energy-consuming old telecommunications equipment catalogue for the guidance and other relevant policy documents such as list of backward, in conjunction with the relevant departments of the industries using obsolete equipment monitoring.
            Other work. Encourage energy efficiency monitoring body in accordance with the energy efficiency of "leader" system requirements for high energy-consuming industries and enterprises to provide support services such as energy efficiency verification. Continue to do energy-saving product verification projects benefiting industrial products, ensure the verification work done on time.
            Third, the capacity-building tasks
            Improving energy watchdog business level. Industry and information technology Department will take full advantage of energy efficiency promotion training and demonstration base of industrial enterprises in China, organized areas of industry and information technology departments, energy saving supervision personnel carry out the monitoring operations training and exchanges of experience, through experts, case analysis and in-situ demonstration monitoring to improve local energy saving supervision bodies, in particular city and county-level of front-line law enforcement team. Full use of the China-us energy efficiency Forum, China-Japan Forum on energy conservation and environmental protection, and other international cooperation mechanisms, organizing local foreign exchange activities, developed energy-saving means of advanced ideas, policies and practices.
            Strengthen energy conservation law enforcement capacity of the supervisory authorities. Strengthen the construction of energy saving supervision agencies, supporting local energy-saving supervisory agencies as well as other energy-saving supervisory law enforcement equipment. Innovation monitoring mode, promoting qualified local city energy conservation supervision agencies across the city, and offsite inspection, further strengthen energy conservation supervision law enforcement efforts, and promote the exchange of working experience in energy saving supervision.
            Four, the specific job requirements
            Strengthening organization and leadership. Local competent departments to strengthen organization and coordination of industry and information technology, combined with local conditions, preparation of specific industrial energy saving supervision plan, goal progress, carefully arranged and organized energy saving supervision agencies. Energy-saving measures to refine the means and responsibilities of the supervisory authorities, strengthen law enforcement cooperation mechanisms jointly with the departments of quality supervision to ensure quality and efficient completion of the industrial energy-saving monitoring scheduled tasks on time. I will, jointly with relevant departments, industry associations and implementation of industrial energy-saving work in some areas carry out supervision and inspection.
            Strictly by law. Monitor the implementation of energy conservation monitoring written and field surveillance to keep monitoring the technological and business secrets of the units, not to enable the unit to charge fees, set administration and industrial energy saving monitor fair and honest image. Found in monitoring the production or use of State decrees out mechanical and electrical equipment, extra energy consumption limits standard illegal behavior, such as, energy watchdog to monitor in accordance with law enforcement.
            Monitoring their implementation. Around the industry and information technology, energy-saving watchdog urged authorities to organize units being supervised in accordance with energy, rational use of energy, illegal behavior, strict implementation of the sanctions. Regional public energy saving monitor the situation on a regular basis, subject to public supervision, expanding energy-saving work to monitor the social impact. Please me before the end of 2015 in all regions to submit annual industry monitoring summary report.
            Explore areas of work. Energy saving supervision organs at all levels to perform traditional energy-saving work while actively take on comprehensive utilization of resources, cleaner production, industrial water-saving, low-carbon and other aspects of the monitoring task, continuously expanding business areas, troop strength into full play, and full support for the industrial energy conservation and emission reduction.